Why I’m Boycotting Valentine’s Day… and why you should too!

I’m sure your first thought is, “She must be single, that’s why she doesn’t like Valentine’s Day.” Well nope (I wish you could hear my voice as I said it) Check out my about me page (or look at my sidebar) and you’ll notice I am happily married. So this post isn’t coming from being bitter about the holiday. It’s about being realistic and not buying into the commercialism of the holiday.

So here’s why I am boycotting the whole holiday and why you should joWhy I'm Boycotting Valentine's Day.... and why you should too!in me!

It’s SOOOOOOOO Expensive

The gifts and things would even be expensive even before they jack up the prices. After they jack them all up in February it is crazy ridiculous. My family is paying off bills, we are about to move, we have family coming down for a week, and my birthday is coming up. I do not want to spend a bunch of money right now. It is already going to be a very expensive month and we don’t need to add to it.  (Not trying to sound cynical)

I would much rather us the hundreds of dollars spent on gifts, cards, and eating out on other things. If your family is trying to pay things off or save for something, I suggest you boycott Valentines day with me! There are ways to show your family you love them everyday that wouldn’t cost a thing.


Things you should already be doing

The whole holiday is about love. Why do we need one day to show someone love? It is something we should do every single day! I feel extremely loved by my husband and family already, I don’t need them spending money on me to show that.

You should already be making time for each other and going on dates and saying I love you. These are all things that shouldn’t need a designated day to do them. If your significant other isn’t doing these things then there are other problems that some flowers and chocolates won’t fix. (I hate to say it)

Now, I know that there is a whole background story on Valentines day and I am not saying don’t celebrate that. I’m just saying it shouldn’t be this big done up thing that it has become.

Avoid Crowds

I’m sure you’ve gone out to eat on Valentines day before. It’s crazy! Like really crazy. Tons of people on dates or out to eat with friends so they don’t have to be alone. You could be waiting for a table for hours. Or you have to book a reservation months ahead of time so you can get a table. It’s too much! Who wants to be out during that craziness? (Not me!!)

Avoid Disappointment

Come on ladies, you know you have a whole idea of how magical the whole day will be. Most of the time it doesn’t turn out like you dreamed. Then you can’t even enjoy it because you are sad that it wasn’t exactly what you were expecting. Just avoid that altogether and don’t even worry about February 14th.  It’s all too much pressure for the guys. It shouldn’t have to be a big expensive, romantic day. (That should be your wedding day)

All the single ladies

This portion is for you. Do not stress or fuss over the fact that you are single on Valentine’s day. And DO NOT get into a relationship just because you want to have somebody on this day. It will only create heartache for someone eventually.Why I'm Boycotting Valentine's Day.... and why you should too!

Love who you are and know that you will find someone that is right for you eventually. Stay in and watch some netflix or do some work to get ahead. While everyone else is schmoozing their significant other go out there and kick butt! You have no one stopping you! Use your alone time to reach your goals!



I realize that not everyone will agree with me on this issue. Maybe Valentine’s day is super important to you. I just don’t think that it is something that everyone should feel obligated to take part in. It is not worth the stress this year. Maybe next year I’ll feel differently!

If you are with me let me know! We can have a kicking butt and taking names party this Valentine’s day!


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