What I learned from not getting the job!

So you didn’t get the job? You’re bummed right? Well you’re not alone! I’ve been there. Chances are everyone’s been there!

Let me guess, you applied to a job and got really excited about the possible opportunity! You got so excited that the excitement turned into nerves. Then, those nerves caused you to have a terrible interview. You left feeling defeated and then got the call a few days later! They told you that they decided to go with another candidate. Another kick in the gut!

Now your confidence is shot and you feel like you aren’t good enough to get any job. Or at least not a What I learned from not getting the jobjob that you want.

I have failed miserably at many interviews. Because of these failures I have learned a few lessons. This is what I learned from not getting the job!

Here’s my story…

I started applying for teaching positions right before I graduated with my Bachelor’s in elementary education. I was soooo excited to actually get calls to set up interviews. The first one that I received seemed to be so perfect. It was at a small school not too far from my hometown. The school was rated really well and the teaching position was for a first grade teacher. It was exactly what I wanted!

This excitement turned very quickly to nerves. It was exactly what I thought I wanted and I knew I would be devastated if I didn’t get it. I did everything I thought I needed to do to prepare for the interview. I made copies of my cover letter, resume, lesson plans, and reference letters. All of these were organized in a folder and placed it all in my bag the night before. I looked up interview questions and practiced what I would say. I even did my research on the school so I would sound like the perfect fit for the job.

Well, it turned out that none of this mattered when I got to the interview. I let my nerves get the best of me and I froze. My voice was shaky and I wasn’t able to give thorough answers. I walked out knowing that I did a terrible job. It was not at all surprising to get the call saying that I didn’t get the job. Actually, I let the call go to voicemail so I didn’t have to talk to the person giving me the bad news. I knew I’d be devastated and wouldn’t be able to hold it together.

I was crushed and felt like I wasn’t good enough. Like I would never be a good teacher. That was, if I could even get a teaching position. I doubted my abilities in all aspects. It was a terrible feeling.

Looking back now, it turns out that it wasn’t the job I was meant for. The job I was meant to get (and still miss to this day) was the job that I didn’t even think I wanted.

Here’s how I got past not getting that job and am able to rock interviews now. Recently, I have been able to get the last 3 out of 4 jobs I have interviewed for. (Remember, I’m a military spouse and move frequently)

How I got past it

What I had to realize was it wasn’t the job for me. If it was meant to be then I would have gotten it. It took me a while to get past the devastation and disappointment. I tried to think abWhat I learned from not getting the jobout everything I did or said and tried to figure out what I did wrong. (Sounds like a bad breakup šŸ™ ) This didn’t help me at all because what I might think I did wrong might not be what the interviewer thought I did wrong. You just never know.

So what I learned to do was to think about all the reasons it wouldn’t have been a good fit for me. I basically talked myself out of the job. Then I started to look for another one that I thought would be an even better fit for me. It got my mind past the previous failure and excited for the possible opportunities that were still out there.

Preparing for the next interview

Even though all my preparation didn’t help me rock my first interview, IĀ still prepared for the next interview. I made sure to look into the school that I was applying too and got all my materials ready in advance. It was still important for me to be prepared.

One thing I did differently the next time was come up with ways that I would be a good fit for the school. While looking into the school I compared myself to the ideals and atmosphere of the school. Doing this helped me talk about why I would be the best pick for a teaching position.

I also had to figure out a way to get over all the nerves. I did this by not allowing myself to get too excited about a job. Not getting jobs is just part of the process that would eventually lead me to getting the perfect job. The more excited I got, the more heartbroken I would be if I didn’t get the job. So my cure for that was to not NEED the job or want the job too badly. This helped out tremendously!

Rock the next interview

My nerves were what got in the way during my first interview. So the next interview I didn’t let them get the best of me. When I did this I rocked the interview. Then I got a call a few days later with a job offer.

Before the interview, I didn’t allow myself to think about me getting the job. I thought about why it would be okay if I didn’t get the job. I started to look at other possibilities that I would be okay with getting. This made me comfortable going into the interview. I knew I had other options that I would enjoy as well.

My mindset going in was “if I get the job, Great”, “if not who cares.” Ā It helped keep me calm! I was confident in my abilities and was ready to speak about them.

After the interview…

IWhat I learned from not getting the job continued to look into other positions. Even though I rocked the interview. I knew that wasn’t always
what mattered. There was still a good possibility that I didn’t get the job. At least if I didn’t I would be prepared!

What I learned from the previous failure is that there is no point in worrying after the interview. At that point there is nothing else you can do except prepare for the worst. Doing this will not only help get past not getting the job but would also create even more excitement if you do get the job!

Now, You’ve got this!

If you can learn from my mistakes and prepare properly, get rid of your nerves, and go into an interview confident. Then you WILL get a job. Not just any job, the job that you are meant to have. It may not be your forever job but maybe it’s the job that will teach you something about your life!

You can rock your interview! After all, even I was able to. You’ve got this! If you need an extra boost of confidence, check out this post! It should really help!

Comment below and let me know about your past failures or even accomplishments when it comes to Interviews!



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