Week 4 Day 2 and 3

Hey, sorry I missed you yesterday. Something nasty has been going around the school I work at and I did not feel well yesterday. Luckily with a little rest and fluids I was able to feel better today. I sure hope I am actually over whatever it was yesterday. Was your Week 4 Day 2 and 3 better than mine?

Let me tell you, I don’t do well with nausea. I can suck up a cold or sinus infection but feeling like I am going to throw up all day is just too much for me! That’s when I become a huge baby. So that’s pretty much what my afternoon was. Me laying around trying not to throw up.

Needless to say, I did not get my afternoon run in. Nor did I do my morning workout yesterday or today. 🙁 I also gave into a craving and had two small Kit-Kat bars before bed. They were just the tiny fun sized ones, however, I am still not happy that I gave in. I hate to say it, but my self control goes out the window when I don’t feel well.

Today, on the other hand I did can be proud! Here are my journal’s as proof!

Week 4 Day 2 and 3

Week 4 Day 2 and 3 Week 4 Day 2 and 3

I’ve definitely had better days, but I sure as heck have had worse. It’s important to take care of your body. That also means to give it rest when it needs. You don’t want to over work yourself and make yourself worse and have to take more time off and get out of a routine.

It is so nice that mentally I seriously couldn’t take two days off from running! Have the Glow run in less than a month definitely game me some motivation. The fact that my husband laughed at the fact that my goal was to keep up with him during the run. Something tells me it was more of a “oh crap, maybe she will” rather than just being rude! Oh well, let the haters hate and use the hate to drive you!

Week 4 Day 2 and 3

Abs are made in the Kitchen

Day 2 was rough, however, for feeling so sick I did much better than I usually would have. Seriously, you would be disgusted at how much crap I would eat when I didn’t feel good. Which is totally the worst thing you could do when you don’t feel well. Your body needs vitamins, minerals and amino acids for your body to recover quickly. Not crappy comfort food. It’s your brain that needs the comfort food. That little lazy chubby girl in there that tries to find your weakness.

Well she didn’t get the best of me. Just a quick moment of weakness last night. I think I worked those off this afternoon!

Today I was actually proud of myself! We had a birthday in the class and I did not partake in the cupcake treat! I thought about it for about a half second before I turned that thought down. Yay me! Everything else was pretty much the norm.

Beast Mode

Seriously didn’t think that would be the case today. However, I did know that I had to at least get off my but and do something. After I started running this afternoon I felt pretty good so I was able to kick it up a notch. I was surprised that I was actually able to do 3.11 miles. I did have to stop and walk once because I felt nauseous but that went away pretty quickly.

Then I had a pretty bad cramp in my side that I stopped and walked while trying to breathe it out. Once it was gone I picked up the pace to run the last two tenths of a miles. Even with those few times that I had to stop I still was able to run 3.11 miles in 32 minutes. Not to bad for being sick yesterday.

I am excited to see how I do tomorrow! In the morning I will do the upper body workout instead of the cardio workout. I want to get in my strength training since I do cardio everyday with the run anyway.

Were you awesome today?

We all have bad days or even sick days. I’m no different! The important thing is to not let it stop you from going after your goal. You can take a sick day. Just be determined to get back on track when you can.

Have you had to take a day off? (other than a planned rest day) What were your reasons?

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