Week 4 Day 1

Well Hello There! Can you tell I’m just a little bit excited? I guess that really depends on how you read that. Well to give it away, I am EXTREMELY excited today. Not only and I excited I completed Week 4 Day 1, I also signed up for my very first 5K.

If you don’t know what a 5K is, it is a 3.1 mile race.

The one that I signed up for is a Glow run, which makes it even more exciting. It will be a night run on the beach with tons of glow sticks and bright colors and neon! It is right up my ally. The race will be near the end of February so I have just about three weeks to train. Good news is, I have pretty much been training since the beginning of February.

**Want to find a race near you? Check out Runner’s World Race Finder. It’s super easy to use!

Now I have something to push me even harder to get me through those days I don’t want to run! My goal for this 5K is to keep up with my husband the whole race. (or beat him) He doesn’t run much but for some reason he always ends up pulling ahead of me when we run together.

Have you thought of signing up for a race? I would suggest you look around for one eventually. They can give you something to work towards. Not to mention a fun way to help you enjoy running.

Now enough about my excitement about the future. Let’s talk about today. How did you do on week 4 day 1? Check out mine!

Week 4 Day 1

Week 4 Day 1

Over all, not bad!

Kiss the fat goodbye

Today was leg day. My Favorite! (I’m seriously not kidding!) My morning workout went pretty well. I know I am going to be SORE tomorrow. Tonight before I go to bed I will try and roll out my legs and take an Epsom salt bath. Both should help relieve the soreness. I don’t want to interfere with running tomorrow night like last week.

My run this afternoon was a little bit of a struggle. I pushed through and I was able to run for a full two miles without stopping to walk. I only walked a tenth of a mile then I started to run again. When I was about 2 tenths of a mile away from my house I started to sprint (as fast as I could) until I got to my front door. Tomorrow I will try to run just a little bit longer today without stopping to walk. I’d love to get my 5k time down to under 30 minutes. That way I know I can keep up with my husband!

You are what you eat

I know that sounds weird but it’s soooo true. If you eat crappy food you will feel crappy. If you eat to fuel your body you will have energy to get through the day. It’s really that simple. I know some people make it more complicated by counting calories and carbs and fats and sugars. Really all it comes down to is eating food that will fuel your body. If you can do that your body will reward you!

Week 4 Day 1

So today, I fueled my body with what it needed. I also got a new protein that has enough servings of vegetables for each day. This helps me get in the nutrients I need since I am extremely picky when it comes to vegetables.

One proud moment of the day was saying no thank you when offered a doughnut from another teacher this morning. Doughnuts are like one of my favorite breakfast items so it’s always tough to say no. Yay me! It wasn’t even that hard!

On your way to awesome

So are you on your way to awesome? No? Needing a place to start? Join us! You will have access to my meal plans with recipes, workout plans and even a shopping list. It’s all you need to get started. To prove it works if you stick with it, I’ve already lost 3.4 pounds and 4.5 total inches. In just 3 weeks! What makes it even better, I didn’t even have perfect days every day and I still have been able to lose the weight.

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