Week 3 Day 4

Hey! How was your week 3 day 4??

I’m still fighting on through this slump of zero energy! Waking up was HARD and starting the afternoon run was even worse. I almost gave into the desire to sit on the couch and rest. Then I realized how terrible I would feel if I skipped the run. So I got up off the couch and got out there. One thing I can say is that I am so glad I didn’t give in. It may not have been the best run I’ve had, but it was WAY better than sitting on my butt!

Here’s my journal for today!

Week 3 Day 4

At least I can say that I am proud that I didn’t give in to the temptation of being lazy today!

Work it Off

My workouts probably could have been better. Running on zero energy is HARD and I did what I could push myself to do today. The cardio circuit wasn’t too bad. My legs were weak about halfway through. Those frog jumps were tough. Next week I will add more to the cardio circuit and probably the upper body circuit as well.

We can do more!

Time to be strong, Fight those cravings

Well, I can say that I haven’t really had any terrible cravings lately. However, I didn’t completely follow the meal plan today. Mostly because I ran out of protein early this week so I had to readjust. I added a protein bar into the mix to help add some more protein.

How was your day?

Were you able to fight those cravings and stay consistent on your workout? If not, it’s completely fine! Make one small step tomorrow to make a better choice. You can do this! Don’t stop all your hard work just because of one bad day or one bad week. Go to bed, forget about it and wake up tomorrow and tell yourself you can do better for yourself!

Let’s do our best tomorrow!

Gaining Success Young

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