Week 3 Day 3

Hey!!! How was week 3 day 3 for you??

I seriously think I’ve hit a bit of a slump! Today was HARD to have motivation. This is when you need to push through. Right now is when people quit. That will not be me. Not this time. I hope you can push through with me! Or maybe your still feeling great and can give me a little bit of motivation.

Week 3 Day 3

Although it was a hard day, I was able to push through and not have a terrible day.

Week 3 Day 3

Beast Mode

So, today it was exactly beast mode style. More like, well I don’t exactly know what the opposite of beast mode. (Ha) Even my run this afternoon didn’t give me the boost of energy that it usually does. On the bright side, I still forced myself to get out there and go for a run. Even though my body and brain just wanted to sit on the couch.

This morning wasn’t as hard. It’s easier when you tell yourself it’s not an option. It’s a must. I wanted to hit snooze and skip the workout, but then I said nope! Sleeping in does nothing for me!

During the workout I used 5 pound weights. They were a little light on some of the exercises so I should go either go up in weight or up in reps.

How did your workouts go today??

Fueling my body

So I apparently didn’t plan too well this weekend. I totally missed the fact that I would run out of protein in the middle of the week. That’s why I didn’t have my typical protein shake today. I had come up with another quick healthy option. So I decided to take oatmeal for lunch.

For my afternoon snack I had a cup of coffee. I was trying to boost my energy after my run. Didn’t help much! 🙁 I may end up eating a protein bar after dinner. I’ll be sure to add it to my journal if I do!

Did you slip up on your diet today?

Looking forward

Consistency, over perfection! I wouldn’t sit here and tell you that every day goes perfectly. If it did, everyone would be fit. Those who are strong enough to be consistent are the ones that we all wish we looked like. My day, not perfect. Most of my days so far have not been perfect but for two and a half weeks now I have worked hard to stay consistent and not let life stop me. Look forward through the rough days and know that it will be worth it in a year. Heck even a few months from now!

You with me?

Gaining Success Young

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