Week 2 Day 4


How did today go for you??

Well, I did pretty well today! I’m finally starting to feel that runner’s high that everyone talks about. I felt amazing after my run tonight!!!! I am soooo happy to finally feel re-energized instead of feeling dead tired! Have you gotten that runner’s high yet??

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Week 2 Day 4

You are what you eat!

Today, I ate pretty well. I had to change a few things that was on my plan for the week but I was still able to stick to healthy choices. My cravings for unhealthy things seems to be diminishing (YAY!!) Another great thing is I already feel a ton healthier. Less bloated and way more energy.

One thing I need to focus on now is my water consumption and taking a multivitamin. (SERIOUSLY, how many times do I have to tell myself. I know, annoying!!)

Did you eat well today??

If you need help making healthier choices check out my post, How to Eat Healthy and STICK TO IT, for more guidance on how to slowly incorporate healthier options into your meals.

Kiss the FAT Goodbye

Not hitting snooze at 5:00 am is getting a little easier. (it still sucks a little) One good thing is that the burpees are getting a little bit less like torture each day. I seriously hope I grow to love them but I’m thinking that we will only get to a love/hate relationship. My goal is to be in the peak heart rate zone more than 2 minutes tomorrow. After all, that is the best zone to be in when you want to melt the fat away.

My run though….. was AMAZING. I seriously ran the WHOLE time. All I did was slow my pace down a bit after I hit a mile. I think it helped that I didn’t look at my watch as much. That helped me focus less on the amount I ran and more on just keeping myself running. I suggest, if you can, stop looking at the watch so much and just go as far as you possibly can. Let go and just run. You will be surprised at what your body can do!

How did your workouts go today??

Motivation to continue

Yes, there are things that I probably could have done better on today. However, I am just excited that it wasn’t hard to want to workout and eat right today. The fact that I am already feeling changes with my body is a pretty great feeling too. Can’t stop, Won’t stop! I will get healthy and stay healthy. Ya with me?

Seriously, don’t forget to fill me in on your day! How do you feel after day 4?

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