Week 1 Day 7

Today was a day I probably could have done more. I still chose to make the healthiest choices possible for the circumstances.

Since it was our last day back home, I spent it with family and friends. It was good for the soul. Being healthy isn’t always about working out and eating healthy. You have to make sure that you keep heart happy. For me, this can be done by spending time with the ones I love. So that’s what I did today!

Here’s how the challenge went today..


Weeeelllll, today I did a whole lot of resting! I probably should have gotten up early and got a workout in before Church but I let the excuses get the best of me. You know the, “I don’t have anywhere to do a workout.” “It’s too cold out” “I don’t have time.” “I need more sleep”

Yeah, I admit it. They got me.  It is a lot harder when you get out of your normal routine. It just means I’ll have to go harder on week 2! It’s okay to not be perfect. Just don’t let one day ruin the rest!


Today was also hard to eat exactly the way I would like. However, I was able to eat a healthy breakfast of Think Thin oatmeal and a small cup of coffee with a splash of creamer and some real sugar. Typically, I would have just ate a Poptart. We ate lunch out at Chipotle where I got a bowl. The important thing when eating out is to not overeat. I only ate half. To drink we got a tea and added a little cane sugar.

For dinner we ate my Dads homemade tacos. He used 93% ground beef so a lower fat choice. What I also did to try and make a healthier choice is limit the amount of what I ate. I only had two tacos. Before I would have had three even though I was always full after two.

Lessons to learn

You will have your bad days. Just don’t let your bad days get completely out of hand. It’s still important to think about the choices that you are making and try to make the best possible choices when it comes to what you are putting into your body.

If you backslide a little bit, don’t let it bring you down. Sometimes life will get in the way of your plans. Don’t let it stop your progress. Find a way to get better tomorrow or work even harder later to make up for the day you couldn’t get in a workout or you didn’t make the best meal choices.

This is about being better, not about being perfect.  You do still have to enjoy your life!

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