Week 1 Day 6

Today was all about making the best choices possible. I wasn’t able to get a morning workout in because we got to my parents house at 3:30 am and then had to leave again by 8:30 am for the funeral. I was only able to get about four hours of sleep and I knew I needed to get as much sleep as possible. Sleep is also a big part of living a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes you just have to choose what you do because you can’t do it all.

I didn’t start this challenge to be perfect! It was to make real life changes to get healthy. I wanted to retrain my brain to make healthier choices. Life isn’t always going to be easy or conducive to eating healthy and working out. So you need to know how to make the best possible choices during those times.

I am glad that a wrench was thrown into my plan this early on. It is a true test. Can I make good choices when life isn’t in it’s normal routine??

Well I know I didn’t always do the best but at least I tried my best! That’s all you can ever really ask for in life.

(Sorry, no journal entry today! 🙁 you know, life)

So here’s how my day six went…


Unfortunately, I couldn’t fit in a morning or afternoon workout. Family is the most important thing to me. Today was a day that I needed to spend time with my family and I feel as though it is okay. At least it is for me and that’s all that matters.

Now, things shouldn’t constantly get in the way of a workout. In some circumstances it is appropriate to miss a workout or two. As long as you stay consistent the majority of the time and don’t let missing a few workouts stop you from working out all together. I have been there before and I let myself backslide into bad habits of being lazy and eating whatever I wanted. That will not happen this time!

Healthy choices in an unhealthy enviornment

This morning we had to eat on the run. Not a good choice however, you can make the best choice possible while doing this! We only had time to stop at a gas station to pick something up. My typical choice would be to grab a few donuts. Today I chose to look for the healthiest option possible and went with a protein packed granola bar. I looked at the ingredients of a few and went with the one that didn’t have any additives. Along with my granola bar, I got a cup of coffee. Not one of those cappuccino’s out of the machines but a brewed coffee with a little half and half and a little real sugar.

Lunch was a little harder to make healthier choices because we went to lunch with our family after the funeral. It was a catered meal at a local rental hall. I chose to eat a salad with an oil and vinegar dressing, a slice of bread, green beans, fried chicken breast, mashed potatoes, and a little portion of the baked pasta. I littler had two little noodles from it.

To make this meal as healthy as possible I ate the salad and green beans before anything else. I wanted to make sure that I would fill up on the healthier options. Then I went onto the unhealthy options. I only got small portions of these and I tried not to eat much of them. I think the most important thing in this situation is to not overeat. If you are full, stop eating. That’s exactly what I did.

Another thing is I had with lunch is a glass of wine with lunch. Not the greatest choice but not bad in moderation.

Dinner was probably the hardest. For dinner we went out to eat with my family. Still, I was able to make a healthy choice. I chose grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and ate about half. I did sneak a few fries :(. That’s okay, I’ll just run extra hard this coming week!! Ha sometimes it’s worth it! I also had a glass of Sangria with dinner. On the menu they had calories counts. I used this when making my drink choice. Water would have been the best choice but after the long day I needed to unwind a bit.

Thoughts on the day…

Well today wasn’t the healthiest of days. That’s going to happen. Life will get in the way sometimes. You just can’t let it get you discouraged. Do what the best that you possibly can and be happy with that.

Have you had a day where life got in the way? How did you do on a day like this?

Were you able to stay on track today? I’d love to hear from you!

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