Week 1 Day 3

Oh boy, today was tough to get through. There were so many temptations to not workout and to just binge on sweets! (Seriously, Eve, why did you have to eat that stinkin’ apple) However, I am proud to say that I didn’t give in to any of them. Well I guess except for a cup of coffee this afternoon. That’s not really so bad. I still feel like I rocked today!

Week 1 Day 3

Killing those fat cells!

My morning workout:
  • 15 jumping jacks – EASY
  • 10 military push-ups -still on my knees! I’ll get there.
  • 10 Burpees – a little easier
  • 15 crunches – tough but could do more.
  • 15 squats with jump – KILLER
  • 10 dumbbell curls – 5 pounds (OMG so much harder!)
  • 10 dumbbell should press – 5 pounds (GAHHH)

This circuit took me 15 minutes to complete and I burned 89 calories. Doesn’t seem like much but every little bit counts. This workout isn’t as cardio intensive so it won’t burn as many calories. My average beats per minute was 138. I feel like I could push a little harder and get that up a bit. Five a.m. is just sooooo early. I’m not sure I’m even awake fully when I get started. Ha (sorry, #noexcuses)

I spent 0 minutes in the peak zone, 12 in the cardio zone, and 2 in the fat burn zone. I’ll strive for some time in my peak zone tomorrow.

Afternoon Run/Jog

I did pretty well today! Even though my watch wouldn’t connect to my phone and track my run. Then it decided to reboot in the middle of my run. Seriously, me and technology don’t get along sometimes! So after adding up both portions of my run. Here’s how I did:

  • 1.72 miles in 17:46 minutes
  • 10’34” pace
  • 148 avg bpm
  • 143 calories burned
  • 6 minutes in the peak zone (go me!) I ran hard the last .2 miles to home
  • 9 minute cardio
  • 3 minute fat burn zone

Not too shabby for the third day! Here’s how it compares to yesterdays:

  • 1.74 miles in 17:59 minutes
  • 10’20” pace
  • 148 avg bpm
  • 134 calories burned
  • 1 minute in the peak zone
  • 16 minutes in the cardio zone
  • 1 minute in the fat burn zone

So looking at the comparison, I almost did the same distance in the same amount of time. However, what I’m excited about is the fact that my time in the peak zone went up by a lot! That just shows I was pushing myself even harder today! Which caused me to burn a few more calories!

Buh, bye stubborn belly fat! You are going down!

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Favorite part of the day…

Meal time! Even with the temptations of a sweet food binge, I still love when it’s time to eat!

  • Breakfast – Smoothie and 2 hard boiled egg whites (smoothie was much better with almond milk instead of flax milk)
  • Morning Snack – Kind Bar
  • Lunch – Protein shake with 1/2 of a large apple with 1/2 tbsp. of peanut butter
  • Afternoon Snack – Popcorn
  • Dinner – 1 serving of Creamy Lemon-Pepper Orzo with grilled chicken (Check out, Preparing for Week One for the recipe)

The only extra thing was a cup of coffee right before dinner. I only used a teaspoon of Stevia and a dash of Almond Milk Creamer. Coffee isn’t terrible for you and isn’t too high in calories so it doesn’t kill my workouts for the day. Oh and I forgot I had an Amino Energy shake this morning. Again, not bad for you! It’s a good way to get vitamins into your day!

So overall, not bad. It was definitely a day that I can be proud of!

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Week 1 Day 3

Running with this view is amazing! Had to stop for another picture!

So how did you do today? Don’t worry if you back slide a little! Just jump back on the horse and try to do better tomorrow.

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