Week 1 Day 2

Yaaaaayyyy, day two is DONE!! That cardio circuit workout just about killed me. Cardio is the wooorrsstt!!!!! (Who’s with me??)

Overall, the day went pretty well! I haven’t lost motivation just yet and I actually was able to appreciate my run this afternoon. It was a miracle that I didn’t let excuses get the best of me! Really it was the fact that I knew I would have write that I didn’t do my afternoon workout. That headache wasn’t going to make me write that! lol

Here are the deets

You are what you eat…

  • Breakfast (after workout) =Smoothie, check! (dang it was good!! melon and cucumber, who would’ve thought!)
  • Morning snack = Kind Bar, check!
  • Lunch = protein shake, apple with peanut butter, check!
  • Afternoon snack (after afternoon workout) = oatmeal, check!
  • Dinner = Fettuccine w/ Red Pepper Creamy Fetta Sauce, check! (SOOOOOO Delicious)

Water consumption = 67.6 oz

Week 1 Day 2

Making my fat cry…

Notes from my morning workout:

  • What the heck was I thinking!
  • Cardio stinks!
  • I’ll stop whining now!
  • I can do better on high knees!
  • Burpees are killer. I still need to do better. They are slow and weak!
  • I need to push harder to get into my peak heart rate zone. 2 minutes is not near long enough

Afternoon workout:


  • 1.74 miles
  • 17:59 minutes
  • 10’20” pace
  • 148 avg bpm
  • 134 calories burned
  • 16 minute cardio, 1 minute fat burn zone, 1 minute peak

Yesterday’s workout:

  • 1.67 miles
  • 18:29 minutes
  • 11’04” pace
  • 137 avg bpm
  • 119 calories burned
  • 12 minutes cardio, 6 minute fat burn zone, 0 minute peak

Already made some progress, even with a headache!!!

Today’s takeaways:

  • You can do it, even when you don’t feel well.
  • Push a little harder each day and see the progress!
  • Get lost in your run and enjoy the world around you. (I seriously had to stop and take a picture while I ran today!)

Get Healthy Challenge Week 1 Day 2

I can do better! And I will!

  • TAKE MY  MULTIVITAMIN!! (I seriously need to set an alarm to remind me!)
  • Push harder on morning workout!

Well that pretty much sums up how my day two went for me! How about you??Gaining Success Young

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