Week 1 Day 1

Whooo, day one is complete (well almost) and week one has started! I always have so much motivation on the first day. Hopefully this motivation sticks! If not, at least you’re here to keep me on track! 🙂

To start, here are the measurements that I took before I began. Check for my email to see my before photos! (If you haven’t subscribed ti get my emails yet. It’s not too late! Here you go!


Right thigh = 20 and ¾ inch

Left thigh  = 20 and ½ inch

Hips/butt = 39 inches

Hips/belly = 35 inches

Waist = 28 inches

Chest = 30 ½ inches

Left Arm = 10 ¼ inches

Right Arm = 10 ½ inches

Weight = 117.8 lbs

Okay, looking at these you may think I’m crazy. However, you haven’t seen the fat on me! A little looks like a lot on my tiny frame!

My Day

Ugh, 5:00 am is soooooo early! I’m determined to not dread getting up this early! It will happen!

Even though it was hard, I didn’t hit snooze! I jumped right out of bed and got my day started. Then did a quick fasting (just means I didn’t eat breakfast beforehand) circuit workout to jump start my metabolism. The workout I completed was the circuit workout that is on my weekly workout plan!

(Get access to my workout plan here 

Week 1 Day 1

Quick Tip:Do your morning workout before breakfast to kick start your metabolism and burn fat instead of the food in your belly. If you eat first your body will burn the food before the fat and you will be hungry again after your workout.

Man it was hard! I struggled with the burpees and push ups. The military push ups are more tricep centered and I have like zero upper body strength. Because of this I had to do mine on my knees. No shame!! One day I’ll be able to do them on my feet without struggling to to push myself up!

The shoulder press and curls weren’t so bad. I used 3 pound weights. I wasn’t sure how much weight I could do but I’ll increase the weight to 5 pounds Wednesday.

When I got home from work I got ready for my run. Since I have to be at work by 6:50 am I don’t have time to go for a run before work. (No way can I wake up at 4:00 am!!!) If you have the time in the morning, I would suggest doing your run before work. It will boost your energy throughout the day and help burn more fat.

I did pretty well on my run. I started out with the walk but after .02 miles I wanted to pick up the pace.  Pushing myself I was able to run the first mile without having to stop and walk. When I hit a mile I decided to slow the pace down and walk but only for about .05 miles. Then I picked up the pace again and and ran until I hit 1.35 miles and I walked for another .05 miles. Pushing till the end, I started running again until I hit 1.50 miles. At that point I stopped and walked the rest of the way home.

Total, I did 1.67 miles with a pace of 11’04” in 18 minutes and 29 seconds. I know it sounds like it took me a while but I am proud with how hard I pushed today. Tomorrow I will push for a shorter time!

Fuel Your Body

As for my eating, I rocked it today!

  • Smoothie and eggs, check!
  • Kind granola bar for snack, check!
  • Protein shake, apple and peanut butter, check! (Since I had a huge apple so I couldn’t eat three slices and I only ate about a half tablespoon of my peanut butter!)

(After lunch I made sure to drink more water and I started to drink my Amino Energy drink which gave me a boost of energy with vitamins)

  •  Skinny girl popcorn for my afternoon snack, check!(With my popcorn, I drank a small cup of coffee. Not on the meal plan but a little coffee isn’t terrible for you. I only used a teaspoon of Stevia to sweeten and a little almond coffee creamer. (Just a dash)
  • Mexican Chicken Stew for dinner, check! (Check out my post Planning for Week One to see what recipe I used! Oh boy was it delicious!!!!)

**Water consumption – 50.7 fluid oz.

Overall, I’m pretty proud of myself! I think day one went well!!! Tomorrow  will be even better!

How’d you do??

Things to improve:
  • Take my multivitamin! Completely forgot! :/
  • Drink more water!

“Strive for progress not for perfection”

Let’s kick day 2’s butt!!!



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