Take Time For YOU! You deserve it!

Sooooo, I had planned to write this post a little bit later. After this weekend, I feel now is the perfect time to sit down and write it.

I have a confession, I didn’t work on my blog at all this weekend. (Crazy right??) This seems terrible to some and maybe I should have squeezed in a little time to sit with my computer. Life will go on! I am picking up the slack tonight and the rest of this week and it was totally worth it.

This weekend was about some “Me Time” and some “We Time” (My husband and I). We have both been so busy that we haven’t spent a weekend together and just had fun. Well, we took this weekend to do so. We celebrated him finishing the academic part of API, had a snuggle SaturTake Time for Youday and on Sunday spent most of the day golfing and just hanging out. I also took a nice long relaxing bath and read the book that I have been neglecting!

I should probably stop jabbering about my weekend and get to the good stuff. The whole point of the story is, I took this weekend to take care of me. Taking care of me is something that I feel is extremely important. If you don’t take care of you, no one else will or they won’t know how to.

Take time and take care of you!

Some may say this isn’t possible. With kids, family, and work YOU just aren’t a priority. Well I’m gonna break it to you, you should be a big priority to yourself. If you aren’t happy and healthy your family can’t be happy and healthy. So take time for you and do what will make you or help you continue to be happy and healthy.

Schedule “Me Time”

You may need to schedule “Me Time” into your day or week. Wake up 30 minutes before waking the kids to get in a quick circuit workout. Work it out with your husband so that he takes the kids for thirty minutes in the evening. Then spend some quiet time doing something to help you relax and refresh. This works great if you are an introvert.

If you are an extrovert schedule some time to spend with friends or be out in the crowd. After all, this is what recharges you.

If you schedule out some time then you will be more likely to follow through.

Don’t negotiate away your “Me Time”

You are a nonnegotiable. Don’t ever forget that! No one will benefit from you not working on you. Do not put off your self care (or your relationships) to constantly do for others. It may sound selfish but it is a must. You are in control of your own happiness.

No excuses!

I hear them all the time. I am way too busy. The kids need me. My husband wouldn’t survive an hour (or half hour) alone with the kids. There’s a deadline I can’t miss. We don’t have the extra time. There are probably another million that people can come up with.

Well throw those all out the window and make self care a priority. You can sneak a few minutes a day or week to do something for you. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It could be sitting outside reading a book or snuggling on the couch with your husband after the kids are asleep. If your husband can’t handle the kids alone then schedule in the time after they go to sleep and have your husband pick up the house. I suggest alternating days so it isn’t always on just one of you. If there’s a deadline at work then do a little work from home but don’t let it take up your evening. Or delegate tasks at work so it isn’t all on your shoulders. (super hard for type A personalities but it can be done)

If you think of yourself as a top priority (as you should), then it won’t be as easy for you to put yourself on the back burner.

Model Behavior

Always remember that whatever you do in your life, your children will model your behavior. You are their idoTake Time for YOU...you deserve it!l. They watch what you do and how you do it because they want to be just like mommy or daddy. If you want them to learn how to take care of themselves, then you need to show them by taking care of yourself. This reason alone is probably the most important reason to make yourself a priority.

How YOU can practice self care…

Self care can be completely different for everyone. I don’t want to keep rambling on and on, so here is a great list of different options that may fit your needs. I will however, give you a few ideas of the things that I do to keep myself refreshed and happy.

  • Take long baths
  • Watch my favorite TV shows (who doesn’t love to binge netflix!!)
  • use essential oils
  • READ
  • take a break from something that stresses me out
  • take a walk/run
  • do something fun
  • paint my fingernails or toes (mani/pedis if I can afford it)
  • Get my hair done
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • long talks with good friends
  • buy myself something new (RETAIL THERAPY)
  • Drink coffee and watch TV by myself every morning

Most of these can take as short or as long as you want or can squeeze in. Take as much time as you can to refresh and relax and don’t let others tell you that you can’t!

Did I miss something that you love to do to relax? Comment below and let me know! I would love for you to add to this post!

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    1. Thanks! Glad to hear you like the ideas! I am big on both. I feel too many people get caught up in the craziness of life and don’t take the time to enjoy it. Happy I can share on Together on Tuesdays. I appreciate you coming back and checking out this post!

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