Stay Warm on Winter Runs

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Are you like me and HATE being cold? Ugh, it’s seriously the WORST. So I am going to show you some of the products that you need to Stay Warm on Winter Runs.

Stay Warm on Winter Runs

(Sorry, I take terrible pictures! lol Can you tell I NEVER take selfies??)

Since I hate the cold weather, it is so hard for me to get the motivation to run when it is cold out. What I do to combat the cold is layer up. Now the only problem with layering up is it can be restrictive. That is why it is extremely important to have cold weather gear that keeps you warm without having to have too many layers.

That is why I LOVE wearing my Columbia gear on cold winter days! As much as I love my Columbia gear, one thing I love even more is a sale. Right now I get to combine the two and offer it to you!

Winter Sale! Up to 35% Off Fall Styles at! Valid 1/11-2/19.

So don’t wait to stock up on some winter gear to help get you out the door and keep you on track with your fitness and weight loss goals! Sale ends February 19th so don’t wait to stock up! I mean after all, the groundhog did predict 6 more weeks of winter.

Well back to my point. Didn’t mean to go off on a tangent. (Seriously can’t help myself when stuff I love is on sale!!!) So let’s get back on track! Here are my favorites when I am wanting to stay warm during my winter runs!

How I stay warm on winter runs

  1. On the not so cold days, I love the Women’s Optic Got It™ II Pull Over. (and it’s part of the sale!!) I love the look of this pull over. It’s cute and practical, not to mention, it’ll keep you warm on those days when it is slightly chilly out. Oh and I can’t forget to let you know it has the thumb holes in the sleeves. I’m not exactly sure why I love the thumb holes so much but I do!
  2. On colder days, I would have to recommend the Women’s Ghost Mountain™ Full Zip Jacket. Now this jacket isn’t on sale because it is a new style. I would say it is worth it (and I am a bargain shopper who hates paying full price). It will keep out the harsh winds during the winter.
  3. Need a lighter wind breaker jacket for when it starts to warm up for spring. You can’t go wrong with Women’s Titan Lite™ Windbreaker. It’s light but will keep you warm on those light cool breezes. Yes, I still need a jacket on days with a light cool breeze. I wasn’t kidding when I said I hate being cold! If I’m not sweating that pretty much means I’m cold!
  4. Are you one that lives where it gets way to cold? You need the Freezer Zero™ Neck Gaiter. It is important to protect your skin when from freezing temperatures while running. An area of the body that is always hard to fully cover is the neck. That is why this is a necessity. It isn’t included in the sale but it isn’t too expensive.
  5. To keep my ears warm, I usually don’t like to wear a hat. I usually stick to an ear warmer headband. It allows me to keep my ears warm without feeling restricted. I don’t know, I might just be weird. The one that I would recommend is the Caldorado™ Fleece Headband.
  6. Now on to keep those wonderful legs warm. I tend to like having legging type pants when I run. It’s more comfortable for me and easier to move in I feel. So the leggings from Columbia that I would recommend would be the Women’s adera Luminescence™ Spacedye Legging. (And they are on sale! YAY)

Your Health Matters

Your health is extremely important. Or at least it should be especially to you! That is why it is important to keep your body safe from the elements when you are trying to keep your body healthy by running. Weather changes and so should how you dress to combat the weather.

Stay Warm on Winter Runs

My Recommendation

Now, I have only recommended a few products to keep you warm during winter runs but you should click on the banner above and browse for what you think would be best. I wouldn’t recommend anything that I didn’t personally love. I am extremely picky when it comes to recommending things to my readers. You may have notice I don’t have a ton of sponsored posts or affiliate links all over my website. I want my readers to trust my recommendations!

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Enjoy the sale and happy shopping! Let us know what products you love!

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