Finding Time for Self Care as a Busy Moms

1,440! That’s how many minutes there are in a day. It sounds likSelf Caree a lot, right? Maybe it is to some. But to all those busy moms out there who could use about another 1,440 minutes in a day, this post is for you!

Now I’ve said it before how important self care is! I mean if you don’t take care of you then you can’t possibly keep it together long enough to take care of your entire family. Check out this post┬áto learn how to put yourself at the top of your priority list.

Right now I want to focus more on ways you can find time to take care of yourself while still maintaining your family! It can be hard but with these few helpful hints you will be a pro in no time!

Let’s get to it! I know you don’t have time to waste!

The Mom Burnout

Let’s be honest with each other. Moming is HARD. Like super hard! You will burn out and that’s okay! It is normal and nothing to be ashamed about. There will be times (almost all the time for new moms) when you feel like you aren’t doing anything right or you have no idea what you are even supposed to do.

The first step to getting over mom burnout is to admit you have a problem. It may sound silly but seriously before you can get through the burnout you have to admit that you are burnt out. Just like any other problem in life if you don’t own up to it you can’t come up with solutions.

Admit to your spouse that you need a break or a little help. (Something I struggle with, after all, I’m supposed to be super woman right?) Once you admit it then you both can come up with solutions to your problem.

The most important solution…


What is it? (Some may ask) It’s actually fairly simple. Take care of yourself so you are strong enough to take care of others. It isn’t selfish to want/need to do things to maintain your sanity. Those who love you will realize how important it is and will help you find the time for it.

I have a great post about putting yourself first. You should totally check it out. Just click here!

Self-care can mean anything that helps you relax, rest, or recover. For introverts (like myself), it may mean a night alone in the house taking a bubble bath and getting lost in a good book. Away from people and noise. For extroverts it may mean having a girls night out with your besties. Figure out what would work best and plan out the time with your spouse or family members.

Here’s why it is so important….

When you feel refreshed and relaxed so will your family. One thing I know about kids (and husbands) is they feed off of your mood. It still amazes me at how a class of children can change with your mood. (If you haven’t heard I have roughly tens years experience working with children and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood education.)

This means if you are stressed and high strung, your kids will feel the same way. Trust me, you don’t want a group of stressed out kids, especially when you are already at your limits. This may be a reason that you don’t have any patience left.

The easier it is for you to remain calm the easier your life will seem. This is something that I have learned after years and years of excessive stressing and worrying over everything.

The most important part of the equation…

Finding time

Self CareWith everything that you need/are expected to do, where is there time to squeeze in for yourself. I know it may seem impossible but it is important to try. First, talk with your spouse or family. Tell them what you are struggling with or what you need. You could say you are extremely stressed lately because you don’t get any downtime or “me” time. Tell them that in order to be the best version of you, you will need some time to relax and recharge. Ask them if they would be willing to take the kids alone for a night so you can meet up with some friends or just have some time for yourself.

Or you can ask them if you both could work it into the budget to hire a baby sitter to watch the kids for a few hours so you can get away. If it’s not in the budget try friends or family that may be open to taking the kids for a bit. If all of these options aren’t available then take off a day or a few hours of work to make time. Take a half day then go home and jump in the bath with a good book before picking up the kids. (can you tell that’s my favorite?)

There is no shame in leaving the kids at school or daycare in order for you to get some much needed time to yourself. Don’t feel bad about it. You are just trying to make sure that you are able to be the best parent you can be for them.

After you have found a way to make time you may need some ideas on things to do. Well here are a few that I could come up with.

Self Care Ideas

One thing I want you to know is that it is important to listen to yourself. If you really just want to take a nap and that’s what will help you feel recharged then do that. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. It really should be something that you really desire to do.

If you need a place to start, here are a few things that I enjoy doing.

  1. Taking a bubble bath in the peace and quiet while reading a good book.
  2. Getting lost in my favorite T.V. show alone in the peace and quiet.
  3. Getting my nails done! (Who doesn’t love to get pampered a little??)
  4. Taking a nap!!
  5. Going for a walk or run while listening to music.
  6. Sitting at the beach and reading
  7. Doing a craft alone
  8. Sitting on the porch on a nice day drinking coffee
  9. Waking up earlier than everyone in the house and drinking coffee while watching T.V.
  10. Doing Yoga
  11. Cuddling with my husband
  12. Getting a massage or facial (again pampering is amazing!!)
  13. Retail Therapy (without kids)

Here are a few things that extroverts may enjoy

  1. Going to a concert
  2. Going out with friends
  3. Talking to a friend on the phone (uninterrupted by mommy, mommy, mommy)
  4. Going to the mall on a busy day
  5. Taking an exercise or yoga class
  6. Doing a group recreational sport
  7. Having a dinner party

Really anything that involves crowds or other people.

To Sum it up

Everyone experiences burnout. It’s really okay to feel that way. It’s just important that when you get there Self Careyou admit that you are burnt out and need to find time for you. Being successful in life isn’t about doing everything on your own. It’s about finding happiness in your life. You can’t possibly be happy with your life if you don’t do what makes you happy. There should be no shame in that!

Talk with your spouse about what makes you happy and what you need. If they truly love you they will understand and work with you to allow you to do what makes you happy. Get your family on board as well! (It seriously does take a village, the old saying is completely accurate) Work out your schedule to where you are able to do what will help you rest and recharge.

You will be happier for it, your spouse will be happier for it, and your family will be happier for it.


3 thoughts on “Finding Time for Self Care as a Busy Moms

  1. You are right; it is so true that the household feeds off a parent’s emotional state! I am definitely not a morning person, but strive to present as cheery and positive even when I am feeling grumpy and groggy. The mornings runs so much more smoothly when ‘momma bear’ isn’t in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing and for the great guidance you offer.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jenn! Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for the kind words! Hope to “see” you again! ­čÖé

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