Save Money Like a Pro

I haven’t met anyone who isn’t interested in saving money. (Seriously, Have you?) Who wouldn’t want to save money if they could!!!!  I don’t know, maybe some sort of crazy person.

Well I’m gonna assume you aren’t completely of your rocker andSave Money Like a Pro are looking to save a buck (or two). So here are a few simple ways that I save money…. like a pro!

Plan ahead

No matter what you are shopping for, plan out what you are going for. No more shopping “Spree” If it’s not something you thought about buying…. DON’T GET IT!!!

If you are shopping for clothes ask yourself:

What are you looking to buy?

Where can you go to get it?

How much money are you willing to/can you spend?

Why do you need it?

Is it practical to spend the money on these items?

All of these questions will help you save money by helping you buy only the things that you need. If you are shopping for other things like groceries it’s a good idea to plan your meals for the week. Then look at the recipes and through the kitchen to see what you don’t have. Only buy the ingredients you need. (It also helps keep out clutter in your kitchen)

It’s best to try anSave Money Like a Prod make things that you already have some ingredients. I know you won’t always be able to do that. But when you can you should! Be sure to add any household items that you may need. Once you have the shopping list ready to go it is not a bad idea to try and find coupons or use a shopping app.

Planning ahead this way will help you spend less and it will also help prevent you from buying things you don’t need. Planning your meals ahead will also keep you from eating out!  Which will save you tons of money!

Shop clearance/sales

You should never be ashamed of getting a great deal. Heck, I only shop clearance or sales and I have a pretty nice wardrobe. (Outlet malls anyone??) There is no point in spending a ton of money on clothes when they will go on sale at some point and you can save yourself money. A good time to buy is when things are out of season and just save them for next year!

I don’t know about you, but I have never looked at someone and thought “Ugh, that is so last season.” Who cares if someone says that anyway! Just go out there and rock whatever you’ve got on!

Use coupons

My husband and I joke about how you say “coupon.” It’s a never ending battle, and a little fun!

I’m gonna say it again, don’t be ashamed of saving some money. If you have the time and patience to be an extreme couponer then go ahead.  I don’t, so I just use coupons in a smaller fashion. I look for them when I can but I don’t stress out about it. If you can master extreme couponing, YOU GO GIRL! (maybe you can teach me)

Eat out less (omg, this is sooo hard!)

When planning your meals for the week it is okay to plan out a night to eat out (if you can afford it). It is important to only eat out when planned. Lots of people (including myself a while back) don’t realize how quickly it adds up and how much you actually spend eating out.

It is also a good idea to plan meals around days that certain restaurants have deals. If you want to go and get wings for dinner one night out of the week, go when they have half price wing night. You can save a ton on eating out if you use these deals.

Also, don’t get alcohol when you eat out. (Unless you go during happy hour) It’s soooo over priced and not good for you anyway!


This can be very hard for most people. It is extremely hard to stick to a budget. I struggled with it for years. Luckily I don’t have to go into great detail about budgeting because I have a whole post on the topic. Hop on over to read my post Easy Budget For Beginners.

I realize that these simple tips won’t save you thousands of dollars but if you use them you will notice that you have a little extra money each month. Let me tell you, that is a great feeling! Especially when you are used to being paycheck to paycheck. I hope these tips can help you save some money just like they did for me!

Keep checking back for future posts on the saving. Don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions or need further details! If you like what you hear, subscribe to my blog to be there first one to know about a new post or challenge!! I’d love to have you a part of the gang!

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6 thoughts on “Save Money Like a Pro

  1. Good tips and ideas! You can also try to barter or trade items you have with others who have items they no longer want.. or trade services for products too. Thanks for haring with together on Tuesdays

    1. I love these ideas! I didn’t think about doing trading items. If you have close friends it would be a great idea to switch out items! Trading products for services is good too. I would have to look into that and see how that works and where/who to do that with! Glad you stopped by. Thanks for the additions to the post! Hope you stop by again sometime!

    1. It is extremely hard but if you can learn early in life then you will be set up for a wonderful future! Glad you enjoyed another post!

    1. Hey Tricia, I completely agree with you! I am not a great cook. Luckily, I have a husband who is a great cook and loves to do it. I just have to help out a bit. If I didn’t have a husband who cooks I would live off of Ramen Noodles and Pasta Sides. CrockPot meals are great for those who don’t like to cook or don’t have time to cook. They are so much easier and are usually done by the time you get home from work! It may help you limit the amount of times you eat out. Let me know if you find any great recipes! I am always looking for some new ones to try out! Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again! I’ll be sure to stop by and check out your page!

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