Preparing for Week 5

Hey You! We did it!! We have officially completed a whole month of being healthy! I can’t wait to see what the next four weeks does for us! I am already feeling sooo much better about myself and I already notice my clothes fitting better and my energy up. How are you feeling after the first month??

Are you ready for even more progress?? Let’s start Preparing for Week 5!

Preparing for Week 5

I know we have both made mistakes in our healthy journey but let’s move on and focus on getting even better over the next few weeks! This first month is always the hardest! My goal this week is to wake up every day and do my morning workout. This past week I didn’t do so well waking up for my morning workout. That’s the area I feel I need the most improvement.

Don’t forget to make a small goal for yourself!

Last week I has a goal to lose .5 more pounds. Not sure if I have achieved that just yet. I will measure and weigh myself tomorrow and add it to this post. I want to get this out today so you have time to prepare for the upcoming week! So don’t forget to check back tomorrow!


Here’s how I am going to achieve my goals…

Meal Plans

As promised in my email, here are the recipes that I will be using this week.

Monday – Crock Pot 3-Ingredient Balsamic Chicken recipe by Skinny Ms. at

Tuesday –Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet by Olivia on Primavera Kitchen

Wednesday – One-Pot Black Pepper Chicken recipe by Skinny Ms. at

Thursday – Asian Turkey Meatballs with Rice recipe by Chef Savvy at

Friday – Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe by Marian Cooper Cairns at

Saturday -Eat Out (Cheat Meal)

Sunday – Mediterranean Turkey Burgers recipe by Cooking Light on

Snack – No-Bake Energy Bites recipe by Ali at

If you find other good healthy recipes , please share! I am always looking for something new and delicious!

Yoga Routine

I am going to use the same Yoga routine this week! Find the link below

Yoga is great for strengthening and stretching muscles. It is a great whole body workout that also helps you increase your flexibility. You will need a yoga mat and I suggest having a yoga block. It will help you modify poses that you aren’t quite ready to perform fully. I still use a yoga block, no shame!

Check out the 12 minute Yoga Routine from Thrive/Strive.

Progress not Perfection

My progress will be added tomorrow morning!


If you aren’t apart of this greatness, I invite you to join us in our year-long journey to a healthy lifestyle. I’d love to have another accountability buddy!

What you will get is daily motivation, meal plans, and exercises. Not to mention, a FREE health and fitness journal to help you keep track of your healthy (or not so healthy) choices. It will help you visually see your progress and be able to pick out reasons why you might not be making as much progress as you would like.

Free Health/Fitness Journal

This challenge is perfect for you if you want to lose weight and keep it off! Click here to learn more!

More Preparing…

The trick to staying on track is being prepared. So take some time today to go grocery shopping, get your eggs boiled, make up your snacks, and do your measurements for the beginning of week 5. Make sure that you are completely ready to prevent yourself from coming up with excuses to not stay on track! You’ve got this! Preparation is the key to SUCCESS! Make sure you take some time tomorrow to get everything ready! Try to do it early. If you are anything like me, you will be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow evening! GO EAGLES! I can’t help but to root for the underdog!

Preparing for Week 5

If you plan to go to a Super Bowl party just remember to try and not blow your healthy eating. It’s okay to not eat perfectly occasionally. Just don’t go overboard. You’ve already made so much progress. Don’t ruin it in one night! It’s a lot harder to take the weight off than it is to put it on!

Who are you rooting for tomorrow?

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