Preparing for Week 3

Hey there! Are you ready for another successful week??? I sure am! Last week went pretty great. Saturday was kind of my cheat/rest day. The weekends have been my struggle.

So let’s start preparing for week 3. This week I challenge you to be a dreamer and not a dreader. Don’t dread working out or eating healthy. Dream about how great you are going to look if you stick to your goals! I mean we’ve already come so far! I’ve already lost almost two pounds in two weeks and I’ve made so much progress with my runs. Check out Week 2 Day 5, if you haven’t already, to see how much progress I’ve already made!

Meal plans..

As promised in my email, here are the recipes that I will be using this week.

Monday – Skinny Lasagna Rolls recipe by Skinny Ms.

Tuesday – Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken and Veggies recipe by TipBuzz

Wednesday – Honey Sriracha Meatballs with Rice recipe by Kelly from Eat Yourself Skinny

Thursday –Slow Cooker Three Ingredient Balsamic Chicken with Quinoa recipe by Skinny Ms.

Friday – One Pot Black Pepper Chicken with Rice recipe by Skinny Ms.

Saturday – Sheet Pan Sirloin and Potatoes recipe by Chungah on Damn Delicious

Sunday – Leftovers (my favorite because you don’t have to cook! I’m a lazy girl at heart)

Snack – Banana Nut Bread Granola Bars recipe by Brianne from Cupcakes & Kale

If you find other good healthy recipes , please share! I am always looking for something new and delicious!

This week I have also included a shopping list in the email so don’t forget to check it out!


If you aren’t a part of this greatness, I invite you to join us in our year-long journey to a healthy lifestyle. I’d love to have another accountability buddy!

What you will get is daily motivation, meal plans, and exercises. Not to mention, a FREE health and fitness journal to help you keep track of your healthy (or not so healthy) choices. It will help you visually see your progress and be able to pick out reasons why you might not be making as much progress as you would like.

Free Health/Fitness Journal

This challenge is perfect for you if you want to lose weight and keep it off!

More Preparing…

I also spent the day printing out the sheets of my health/fitness journal so it’s ready for me to start writing in tomorrow. Then I boiled my eggs for the week and got my lunch bag ready for tomorrow. We also made the Banana Nut Bread Granola Bars.

Preparation is the key to staying on track!!! The more you do ahead of time the less excuses you have to not follow through with your plans!

One thing I would suggest you do is look back in your health/fitness journal and find some things that you have improved. Seriously, even if they are minimal celebrate those small wins! A little success every day will lead to a successful journey!

Don’t forget to follow Gaining Success Young on Instagram to see how I’m doing throughout the day! I will post periodically to share my progress! I’d like to see yours too! If you need a little extra support and motivation, invite your friends to join in the “Get Healthy” Challenge!

How much progress have you made??

Gaining Success Young

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