How to: Talk about Money

Hot to Talk About Money

2,140,272! That’s the number of marriages there are currently in the United States (According to the CDC). That’s a pretty big number! I’m not surprised though. Marriage is a wonderful thing. It’s sole purpose is based on love! The thing that everyone seeks to find. The thought of getting married… Continue reading »

How to Find The ONE!

How to find the one

A friend asked me a while back, “How do I find the one?” I wasn’t exactly sure how to answer it at first but it got me thinking… How do you find the THE ONE??? By the one, I mean the person that you will spend the rest of your… Continue reading »

Why I’m Boycotting Valentine’s Day… and why you should too!

Why I'm Boycotting Valentine's Day.... and why you should too!

I’m sure your first thought is, “She must be single, that’s why she doesn’t like Valentine’s Day.” Well nope (I wish you could hear my voice as I said it) Check out my about me page (or look at my sidebar) and you’ll notice I am happily married. So this… Continue reading »

A Wife’s Guide to surviving API (or any other military training program)

A Wife's Guide to Surviving API

If you’ve read my about me page, you know that my husband is a naval officer. He is currently in training to become a pilot. I am excited to say that he has almost completed the first part of flight training which they call API.  However, before I begin explaining… Continue reading »

How to Avoid being the dreaded Bridezilla

We’ve all heard the stories, right? Those brides who are so stressed out they freak out about every little detail of the wedding. It’s terrifying! Well, now its your turn to be the bride and plan a wedding. Yes, it is going to be stressful and your are going to… Continue reading »