6 Easy Steps to Healthy Eating

So you want to eat healthy but don’t know where to start? Check out these 6 easy steps to healthy eating. It can be kind of over whelming. I mean you constantly hear about all these different diets and ridiculously unrealistic tips. Like cutting out bread. Seriously who could cut… Continue reading »

Want to stick to your workout? Here’s How!


It’s all about what you can do and what you can STICK TO. We all want to start (right away!) with a strenuous workout that will make you lose a ton of weight and fast! That’s the ultimate dream. But who has the time these days.

How to Eat healthy and STICK TO IT!

Okay, I know. Easier said than done! Plus everyone wants the “quick fix.” The “loose ten pounds this week” diet. It sounds wonderful right? That’s exactly why I have fallen victim to those diets one too many times. Then I realized that they weren’t doing it for me. In order to keep the weight off, I didn’t need a diet. I needed a lifestyle change in my eating and working out habits. But who has the time in this crazy world and I can’t possibly switch to eating healthy overnight. That is when I figured out how to eat healthy and stick to it! Also, not to mention how expensive it can be.