Week 3 Day 1

Hiiiiii! Oh my gosh, leg day was KILLER!! I just had to say that first! How did you fare after this mornings workout?? I can’t believe it’s already week 3 day 1. I sure hope that you are starting this week off dreaming about your goals instead of dreading the… Continue reading »

Preparing for Week 3

Hey there! Are you ready for another successful week??? I sure am! Last week went pretty great. Saturday was kind of my cheat/rest day. The weekends have been my struggle. So let’s start preparing for week 3. This week I challenge you to be a dreamer and not a dreader…. Continue reading »

Week 2 Day 4

Heeeeyyyyy, How did today go for you?? Well, I did pretty well today! I’m finally starting to feel that runner’s high that everyone talks about. I felt amazing after my run tonight!!!! I am soooo happy to finally feel re-energized instead of feeling dead tired! Have you gotten that runner’s… Continue reading »