A Wife’s Guide to surviving API (or any other military training program)

If you’ve read my about me page, you know that my husband is a naval officer. He is currently in training to become a pilot. I am excited to say that he has almost completed the first part of flight training which they call API.  However, before I begin explaining how we got here (to the end) I want to explain a little bit of what it starts out like.

Taking you back to the very first day of API… My husband came home and said that they told him to prepare me for the upcoming weeks. He wouldn’t be home much and when he is home he would be studying pretty much the whole time. He said that I needed to be understanding about this. (Why wouldn’t I be? I mean after all this is his dream!)

I believe what they actually told him was, “Tell your wives or girlfriends that you’ll see them again in six weeks”

Now that was a bit of a stretch. We still live together so we do get to see each other. They were completely accurate on the studying part though. I must say that it hasn’t been as scary as it sounded the first night!

But here’s why…


Find a New Hobby

You will need to stay busy as he stays busy. It makes the time go by faster and gives you something to do other than dwell on the fact that you are all alone most of the night. When he started, I started working on my blog. Now we spend time in the evenings and on weekends working hard together. He’s slaving away studying and I am working hard on my blog. It has worked out really well and if we both keep working hard we should both see success.

A Wife's Guide to Surviving API
This is what our weekend consisted of… Blogging and Studying. We both sat down at the kitchen table and got to work. Turned on some radio and enjoyed each others company while we were busy on our own things! I would say that’s a successful weekend!

Help Him Study

There may not be much time for you to snuggle on the couch or watch your favorite TV shows together. But you can still get in some quality time when you help them study. Read through questions and have him answer, go through flash cards, or even ask him to explain a topic to you. If you have him try and teach you he will be able to gauge his own understanding of the material. (If he can teach it to you and has master the skill) Plus it gives you some time to interact.

Cherish the time you do have

Well you may be saying, duhhhh, but I feel that this is something that people forget to do in their busy lives. Maybe you only get five minutes to cuddle on the couch before he has to leave to go study. Instead of complaining about it only being 5 minutes, enjoy that time. Make sure that you have a little fun during that time. Giggle, laugh and play with each other when you can. This will help keep both of you happy during this time.

Host Study Group

This is one that I wasn’t able to do because our house was pretty far for most of the other members of my husbands group. It may be something that you could try. Being able to host would help save your husband some time. The time that he would take driving to and from a study group could be used as extra time to spend with you. Plus it would help keep you from feeling lonely. It is always great to entertain guests (at least I think so.)

Be Understanding

I think that this is the most important of all. The one thing that your husband needs is for you to understand that right now almost all of his attention needs to be going to his studies. He is going to get stressed and be overwhelmed. After all, he is working his butt off to achieve his dream. The worst thing you could do is get upset with him over this or complain constantly about it. Just think about how proud you will be when he gets winged! All the hard work on both of your parts will be well worth it on that day.

How to Survive API

Now, I know this is mostly geared towards surviving API (because that is the life I’m currently living) but you can use these tips to help you through almost any training program. If you are going through or about to face training such as TBS (Marine Training) it will be a little harder because you most likely won’t be able to see your husband/boyfriend very much at all during training. However, you can still do these things on the weekends that you do get to spend some time together.

If you are looking to start up a blog, like me, to help keep you busy. I have a great post about what to do before you begin. 6 things to do before you launch your blog will help you get a successful start.

I’d love to hear your story about going through training programs with your significant others! Comment below! Don’t miss out, click here to join the VIP list and receive free downloads and to join my free circuit training challenge next month!

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6 thoughts on “A Wife’s Guide to surviving API (or any other military training program)

  1. My husband is not in the military but he often has jobs that take him away (or keep him working really late nights) for a few weeks at a time. We’ve learned to adapt and clear our schedules to spend time with him when the work is done. These are excellent tips; thanks for sharing with us at Together on Tuesdays.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I am so glad to hear that you and your husband have compromised and found a way to make it work! It is extremely important and will help keep the relationship healthy! Hope you stop by again sometime!

  2. What a great attitude you have about having to wait and survive this time. It’s hard to not be selfish, but you’ve learned early on how to help your husband. Good luck with your blog, and it sounds like your husband will pass with flying colors! Thanks for linking up at Together on Tuesdays!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate the kind words and look forward to linking up again! He has about one week left but he has passed all his tests so the stressful part is over. Well until the next step in his training! Hope you stop back by!

  3. I can’t believe that they told the guys to tell their significant others they’d see them in 6 weeks! Having dealt with deployments where I actually didn’t see my husband for months at a time, that seems like a bit of an excessive comment for them to have made! I do love how you chose to spend the time though – such a positive outlook! I love that. 🙂 Thanks for linking up at Bloggy Brunch!

    1. I agree it was excessive. I know once we have a deployment that we have to go through I will learn other things to help me get through that time. I know that this training is a breeze compared to that. Keep checking back because I am sure that you will have some great things to add when I start writing about deployments! Thanks for stopping by and the kind words! I look forward to linking up to Bloggy Brunch again!

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