6 Easy Steps to Healthy Eating

So you want to eat healthy but don’t know where to start? Check out these 6 easy steps to healthy eating.

It can be kind of over whelming. I mean you constantly hear about all these different diets and ridiculously unrealistic tips. Like cutting out bread. Seriously who could cut out bread altogether?? Not this girl!

Eating healthy shouldn’t be about depriving yourself. It should be about making healthy choices the majority of the time. So here’s how you do it!

6 Easy Steps to Healthy Eating

1. Cut out boxed dinners.

With Pinterest, who needs a boxed meal anyway! There are millions of recipes out there and even ones that fast and easy. Follow Gaining Success Young on Pinterest to help you find Quick, Easy, Successful Meals!

2. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is really the key to being successful in all walks of life. Having a plan helps you stay on track and prevents you from running through the drive through on your way home from work. I know that planning ahead is time consuming and you are already crazy busy. So let me do it for you! All you have to do is hit subscribe and you will get a weekly meal and fitness plan that includes a weekly shopping list!

3. Shop the perimeters of the grocery store

Now this one ties into the first one. Since you are going to be cutting out the boxed meals you shouldn’t need to go into many of the isles of the store. The reasoning it is important to shop the perimeter is because that’s where all of the fresh ingredients are. Those are the things that you want to be buying!

4. Limit eating out

Now this one isn’t just good for being healthy, it also helps save some money. It’s probably no surprise that eating out can be terrible for you. The reason the food tastes so good is because it isn’t sparing any fat or sodium. When you cook at home you can limit the amount of both of these.

5. Eat more frequently

Now I like the sound of that! The reason this works is if you keep yourself satisfied throughout the day, you won’t need buy something out. This is when planning comes into play.

6. Prepare meals ahead of time

Since I will be saving you some time by planning out meals weekly for you, all you have to do is get everything prepared for the week. Some of the stuff I get ready on Sunday and then I get my lunch box ready the night before. In it I include my lunch plus my snacks that I will eat while at work.

Preparing ahead of time is probably the one step that truly keeps me eating healthy!

If you can start with these 6 easy steps, you will be eating 10 times healthier. Once you get the basics down pat then you can look into what you are eating a little more in-depth. That comes with time! First you have to start small and easy or you won’t want to stick to it!

Now, go out there and get started!

Remember, if you want my help just subscribe and I’ll send you weekly meal plans (with recipes), workout plans, and even a shopping list!

If you want more information on creating a healthy lifestyle check out my Get Healthy Challenge!

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