Get Healthy Guide

Want to lose weight, for good this time?

Same here!

I used to be one of those girls that can eat whatever, not really have to workout (outside of sports), and somehow stay pretty small. (Disgusting, I know!) Now that I’m in my late 20’s, I have noticed a lot of fluctuation in my body. In the last few years, I tried and failed to lose weight and keep it off. I go through cycles where I get caught up in unhealthy habits.

(I mean you only live once right! So go ahead and eat that cupcake, or 12!)

It doesn’t just stop with one for me. It turns into a complete binge. All I wanted was high fat low nutritional value foods. Those empty calorie foods you hear health nuts say you should ban from your life. After awhile, I start to notice changes in my body and get on a health kick until I choose to eat a few too many sweets and start back on a binge. The cycle goes on and on.

Today is when it stops!

So starting this year, I’m not creating a new me! (I like who I am) I am creating a better me. A me that is doing what is needed to keep my body healthy. Not to mention comfortable in my clothes (or without). Ya with me??

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Free Health and Fitness Journal

You may be thinking, why should I listen to this lady?

I may not be a certified personal trainer or nutritionist. (That would be pretty cool! Maybe one day!) However, I am not new to the health and fitness field. I played sports from 5 years old all the way through college, completed P90X, and have done other various workout programs. Not to mention, the research that I have read through in the hopes that I could figure out something that would work for me. Nothing I tried before ever turned into the lifestyle change that I was hoping for.

That’s when I decided to create something that would stick. I am taking all that I know, have learned and will continue to learn to create the lifestyle change that I desire. Fast, quick, and easy just never worked for me. Not for good anyway! So, I created the “Get Healthy” Guide. A guide to healthy lifestyle changes to promote weight loss and to help keep it off, FOR GOOD!

"Get Healthy" Guide

I challenge YOU!

Join me in this challenge to get healthy and let’s keep each other motivated! We are going to start small together. No crazy hardcore workout or crazy diet fads. We want something that sticks, which means we need to change our lifestyles.  Seriously, who could cut carbs completely out like a crazy fad diet? Uhhh, not me!

I am challenging you to start this journey with me! Let’s get healthy and stay healthy, together! Everybody needs someone to help keep them on track!

Here’s what you’ll get when you subscribe to this challenge:

Free Health and Fitness Journal

Free Health and Fitness Journal

Free Health and Fitness Journal


  • A FREE health and fitness journal to help you document your progress!
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  • Weekly fitness plans
  • Extra motivation
  • An accountability community
  • Other people who know where you are and will help you get to where you want to be
  • I will post daily my journal so you can see how I am doing

So who should start this challenge with me??

It’s really open for anyone who wants to lose weight the healthy way and wants to keep it off!

If this describes you, then this challenge is for you!

Just hit the subscribe button to start this challenge with me! You won’t regret it!

**If you are someone who is ahead of me in the healthy lifestyle journey, please share advice and comments to help keep me and others stay on track!**

If you need help starting healthy eating habits check out my post, 6 Steps to Healthy Eating.

Let’s do this! Are you with me??

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