What I learned from not getting the job!

What I learned from not getting the job

So you didn’t get the job? You’re bummed right? Well you’re not alone! I’ve been there. Chances are everyone’s been there! Let me guess, you applied to a job and got really excited about the possible opportunity! You got so excited that the excitement turned into nerves. Then, those nerves… Continue reading »

Why My Child Will go to Preschool!

Why my child will go to preschool

What’s best for your child? You probably have some strong opinions on this question. Or maybe some areas you aren’t really sure whats best. Either way, there are many decisions that parents must make for their children. One that can be very controversial is whether or not children should attend… Continue reading »

Finding Time for Self Care as a Busy Moms

Self Care

1,440! That’s how many minutes there are in a day. It sounds like a lot, right? Maybe it is to some. But to all those busy moms out there who could use about another 1,440 minutes in a day, this post is for you! Now I’ve said it before how… Continue reading »

How to: Talk about Money

Hot to Talk About Money

2,140,272! That’s the number of marriages there are currently in the United States (According to the CDC). That’s a pretty big number! I’m not surprised though. Marriage is a wonderful thing. It’s sole purpose is based on love! The thing that everyone seeks to find. The thought of getting married… Continue reading »

Plan YOUR Success!!! With a FREE success guide and worksheet!!

Plan your success

Everyone wants success in some shape or form. It’s what makes us feel like we have achieved something in life. That our life wasn’t for nothing. To some success is making lots of money or just helping others. To others it is having a happy little family. Some even want… Continue reading »

Don’t let the bad days get you down! Listen to these songs for an instant confidence boost!

Confidence Building Playlist

*This post contains affiliate links. Please read my Disclosure Polices for further details!* Raise your hand if you are one of those girls that blasts music and dances in the car? (My hand is up and waving around!) If you are one of these girls, I think we just became… Continue reading »

The WORST thing you can do for your kids

The WORST thing you can do for your kids

Picture it…… You are walking through the store and see a screaming child. This child is relentless. Screaming and throwing a fit. Eventually one parent gives in and hands the child the toy they were screaming for. All of a sudden the child is as happy as can be sitting… Continue reading »