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I have always been one of those girls that can eat whatever and not have to workout a whole lot to stay the size I felt was comfortable for me. (Disgusting, I know!)  Now that I’m in my late 20’s I have noticed a lot of fluctuation in my body. I go through cycles where I get caught in the cycle of unhealthy habits.

I mean you only live once right! So go ahead and eat that cupcake (or 12!)

For me it meant a sweets binge. All I wanted was high fat low nutritional value foods. Those empty calorie foods you hear health nuts say you should ban from your life. Then I start to notice changes in my body and get on a health kick for a while until I choose to eat a few too many sweets and start back on the binge. The cycle goes on and on.

Today is when it stops!

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So starting this year, I don’t want to create a new me! (I like who I am) I just want to create a better me. A me that is doing what I need to keep my body healthy and someone comfortable in my clothes (or without). I want to get away from the me that has to change three or four times because my pants are too tight or the shirt I put on shows the fat that is lingering on my stomach.

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I challenge YOU!

Join me in this challenge to get healthy and let’s keep each other motivated to stick to healthy habits! We are going to start small together. No crazy hardcore workout or crazy diet fads. We want something that sticks which means we need to change our lifestyles. And seriously, who could cut carbs completely out? Uhhh, not me!

I am challenging you to start this journey with me! One of the reasons that I haven’t been able to stick to a workout is because I haven’t had any accountability. Except one time when my friend and I completed P90X together. Then when the program was over we had no clue what to do next. So we went back to our old ways. Now that I live halfway across the country from her I don’t have anyone keeping me accountable.

So I’m choosing you! Let’s help keep each other accountable and share our stories together. We can complete this year long challenge together!

Here’s what you get when you subscribe to this challenge:

Free Health and Fitness Journal

Free Health and Fitness Journal

Free Health and Fitness Journal

I will also send out weekly emails that will include the workouts that I will be doing along with my meal plans. PLUS A FREE SHOPPING LIST!! If you are not sure where to even start you can follow my plan for the day! I will also give some tips and motivation! Each week I will also post any recipes that I plan on using for the up coming week.

Not to mention, I will be posting daily how I did throughout the day! I won’t leave anything out! If I eat something I probably shouldn’t have, you will know. If I slack on my workout. I’ll tell you! I will take pictures of the journal that I filled out for each day. This is the part that will help me stay accountable. (Who would want to post online that they ate a whole tube of cookie dough?? :/)

You can also get involved by commenting on my posts and share what you did for the day and any encouraging words you may have for me! I’d love to talk about your journey with you! We can be accountability buddies! (Please, I seriously need one!)

So who should start this challenge with me??

It’s really open for anyone who wants to lose weight the healthy way and wants to keep it off by building healthy habits!

If this describes you, then this challenge is for you!

Just hit the subscribe button to start this challenge with me! You won’t regret it!

**If you are someone who is ahead of me in the healthy lifestyle journey, please share advice and comments to help keep me and others stay on track!**


Let’s do this! Are you with me??

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